Strengthen Economic Competition


A well-functioning economy is dependent on healthy and fair market competition. However, across nearly every sector of U.S. economy, from tech to banking to food,[1] just a few companies control most or all of the market. In agriculture, a “get big or get out” federal farm policy has led to fewer farms and farmers and contributed to at least two generations leaving rural communities. Today, many rural communities have only one or two stores, and farmers, ranchers, and other producers have equally few buyers for their goods. The lack of competition means that rural residents face higher consumer prices, lower producer prices, and less choice, while the consolidated business owners – often multinational corporations whose profits are not reinvested in the community – reap the benefits.

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State Policy Priorities

  • Support enforcement of antitrust laws.
  • Pass state-level “right to repair” laws.

State Examples

  • The New York 21st-Century Antitrust Act (2021 NY S 933A) would update antiquated antitrust laws to shift the dominant power of big corporations back to workers, small businesses, and communities.
  • The Washington State attorney general sued monopolistic poultry companies for conspiracy and price fixing. State attorneys general can also work with federal regulators in the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission to object to mergers and acquisitions.
  • More than 20 states are considering “right to repair” laws, including New York (2021 NY S 149, 2021 NY S 1512) and Oregon (2021 OR HB 2698).


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