Protect Commercial Fisheries against Industrial Aquaculture Threats


Industrial aquaculture facilities (fish farms) can be considered the “factory farms” of the sea, posing similar environmental and economic threats to the local ecosystem and community.

Fish farms threaten recreationally and commercially important wild fish stocks. As in land-based industrial livestock operations, industrially farmed fish are densely stocked in pens, with the primary difference being that these are floating in water. Some fish are farmed in freshwater or in inland ponds; others are raised in an offshore or open ocean environment.

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State Policy Priorities

  • State Coastal Zone Management Programs should not include industrial-scale aquaculture and should instead prioritize the health of wild fish stocks, ecosystem integrity, and the livelihoods of independent fishing communities.

State Examples

  • Alaska (AS 16.40.210) bans commercial finfish farming within its state waters.

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