Curb Corporate Power: Repeal Right to Farm Laws and Stop “Ag-Gag” Laws


Agribusiness, pesticide, and timber companies have worked hard to pass laws across the country that protect corporate agriculture and industrial timber at the expense of independent farmers and rural communities.[1] Many of these laws are framed as if they are pro-farmer, sometimes even confusing farmers themselves. State policymakers can help to shift the narrative about who really benefits from these laws and can seek to oppose or weaken them in favor of policies that will increase rural prosperity for all rather than just for agribusiness.

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State Policy Priorities

  • Repeal right to farm laws.
  • Stop “ag-gag” laws.

State Examples

  • While a handful of states have successfully passed so-called “ag gag” laws, judges in North Carolina,[4] Kansas[5], Idaho[6] and Utah,[7] have ruled the laws unconstitutional.

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