Rein in Corporate Monopolies

Prioritize Working People & Locally Owned Businesses

Corporations, particularly those that extract wealth from rural farms and Main Streets, have far too much power over our government. It is time to get serious about prioritizing rural people and their communities.

Ongoing Priorities

  • Strengthen and enforce antitrust and anti-monopoly laws and policies to eliminate the concentrated power that corporations exert over rural life and economies, from the seeds planted in the field to retail choices.
  • Allow people to have choices and opportunities, living wages, fair market prices, essential benefits, and a thriving community to live in.
  • Ensure that workers have the right to organize and that public investment in economic development mandates the rights of laborers in those projects.

Strengthen Economic Competition

Curb Corporate Power: Repeal Right to Farm Laws and Stop “Ag-Gag” Laws

Reform Mandatory Checkoff Programs for Commodities

Regulate Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

Stop Taxpayer Funding of Industrial Animal Agriculture

Protect Commercial Fisheries against Industrial Aquaculture Threats

Ensure Equal Rights for Food and Farm Workers