End Historic Discrimination

Our government has failed to include rural, Black, Indigenous, Latino, and Asian people in its policymaking and has often discriminated against them. Black farmers being pushed from the land, Native American sovereignty disregarded, and Latino and Asian farm and meatpacking workers forced into dangerous working conditions are just a few examples of the harm and cruelty these communities face. It’s time to end this discrimination and restore justice.

Ongoing Priorities

  • Ensure that communities of color are directly involved in all parts of government decisions and implementations, such as infrastructure projects and agency rule-making.
  • End the endangerment of rural communities, particularly those with large populations of color, as sites for polluting industries, such as mega factory farms
  • Engage in nation-to-nation consultation with tribal governments on projects and rule-making in a manner consistent with the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples, acknowledging their right to “free, prior, and informed consent.”

Advance the Freedom to Vote

Champion Farmer Equity & Justice for Black Farmers

Ensure Tribal Communities Have Access to Resources

Protect Rural LGBTQ+ Residents