Build Sustainable Economies

Stop Wealth Extraction and Prioritize Rural Community Investment

Rural economic reliance on extractive industries like fossil fuels, factory farming, and industrial timber must end. A new economy can be built on regenerative food, natural resource, and energy production along with small business innovation and a strong public sector. Rural policy must prioritize resilient local economies, putting people and communities first.

Ongoing Priorities

  • Utilize the challenge of the climate crisis to create local ownership, good jobs, and empower farmers and small businesses in rural America.
  • Support local and regional governments and nongovernmental organizations with capacity building and resources to end reliance on the extractive boom-and-bust industries.
  • Enable distributed, community-owned clean energy systems like rooftop and community solar and wind that ensures maximum livability and land use for rural residents and farmers.

Invest in Rural Community Livability

Protect Rural Air, Water, and Biodiversity

Support and Invest in the Growing Industrial Hemp Economy

Support Foresters, Farmers, and Ranchers Using Responsible Land Practices

Reduce Waste in the Food Supply Chain

Invest in Regional Food & Farm Infrastructure